Policy statement

At Olive Press GIANNIKOPOULOS PANAGIOTIS we recognize our obligation and we accept our responsibilities to the continued production of safe products while respecting the environment and human rights .
We are committed to continuous compliance with legal and regulatory requirements and to fulfill our obligations to our customers regarding food safety while maintaining high standards of safety and taking all necessary precautions.


The management of our unit is responsible for continuous compliance reporting, as well as to fulfill the objectives of this quality policy by providing the necessary resources , using the appropriate channels and transmitting a sense of responsibility and our obligations to all organizational levels .

The organization's management is responsible for the effective implementation and improvement of the food safety system ( IAOOR ) developed .
All employed staff is obliged to comply with food safety procedures established within the food safety system and authorized state anything likely to affect the safety or legality of our products.


All new staff are trained in personal hygiene and potential risks of the processes of our production process before assuming his new duties . Additional training is conducted where necessary depending on the results of audits and inspections.

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