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Olive oil: Secrets and tips ...

Homer called it " liquid gold ", Hippocrates , Galen and Dioscorides praised it for its positive effects on health.
The reason for the olive oil, the juice of the olive fruit, tree announcing joy, peace and victory. The basis of the Mediterranean diet ...
What are the elements responsible for the quality of the oil ?

Three elements are responsible for the quality of olive oil:

1. The way shrinkage and the acidity of the fruit
The collection of olives. It must be done with clean cloths. The origins. The soil, the climate and the microclimate, the altitude at which the grove is the proximity to the sea and the sunshine of the area are important parameters. Its acidity. The extra virgin olive oil has an acidity of 0.8% and virgin olive 0,8- 2%. The higher acidity (above 2%) derived from the creation of free fatty acids have an unpleasant odor and significantly reduce the quality of the oil.

2. The way of the plant which is crushing

The temperature of pressing. Must be at a temperature up to 27oC (cold pressing), for about 20-35 minutes. Higher temperatures can increase the yield (i.e. to produce more oil), but the heat destroys the quality. At a temperature of 60oC, the oil ends up no longer has vitamins - only contains monounsaturated fatty acids.
The conditions at the mill. If a mill has iron, not stainless steel tubes, the quality of the oil will be degraded and the oil will be toxic.

3. The olive oil storage method

"Enemies" of oil is moisture,the light and heat .
For large quantities of oil storage tanks in which the oil will be placed after the extraction should be stainless steel . And even installed in a shaded area , so the oil can be kept for a long time without being diverted quality .

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