ISO 22000 iso 22000

The Olive Press GIANNIKOPOULOS PANAGIOTIS is certified with the international ISO 22000 standard for hygiene and food safety :

  • It has implemented a scientifically based study HACCP,
  • It has adopted good hygiene practices by all staff ,
  • Conducts targeted inspections
  • Has developed written operating procedures

The ISO 22000 system is the most recognized standard in the global food chain and certification in this respect is very important to our Olive Press .

The certification according to ISO 22000 demonstrates our commitment to the safety of our products. Based on 'state-of-the-art' best practices and is designed to :

  • It creates conditions of trust between us and our customers
  • identify, manage and mitigate food safety risks
  • It reduces and eliminates potential product recalls and litigation
  • protects our brand.



The Olive Press GIANNIKOPOULOS PANAGIOTIS has certificate AGROCERT the fields PDO ( Protected Designation of Origin ) and PGI (Protected Geographical Indication ) for producing and standardizing Extra Virgin olive oil product of Protected Geographical Indication ( PGI ) "Olive Oil Olympia".

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